You Must Take Action In Your Window Washing Business In Order To Achieve The Results You Want!

A few months ago, I wrote an article about taking massive action in your window washing business. But today, I just wanted to slow it down a notch and talk about just taking some action. You’ll see exactly what I mean as you start reading. So buckle up, and away we go.

I wanted to do a little ranting today, and possibly some prodding, and maybe even a bit of rah rah motivational cheerleading while I’m at it. It’s geared though towards the folks who are sitting on the sidelines “watching” as everyone else is “doing”.

There are many people who contact me after buying and receiving my manual How to Start Your Own Residential Window Washing Business. We’ll talk multiple times about what they’re going to do with their business, how they’re going to build it, and we’ll discuss various marketing strategies. They then proceed to do it.

But then there are other folks who I never hear from. Ever. I don’t know what happened to ’em.

Perhaps they’re just not ready to dig in yet, so they intend to get around to it “some day”. Maybe a little fear is holding ’em back, or maybe some doubt is swirling around.

So this is going to be a message directly to the people warming up the sidelines. So for all you people of action out there, I’ll catch you in my next window washing article. :o)

There are a whole slew of things that can get in the way of us taking the bull by the horns and running with a business opportunity. Any business opportunity. I’m not just talking window cleaning here.

Things like:

1. Family – Are any of your family members the straightlaced 9 to 5 “job” types who don’t understand

business owners or entreprenaurship in general? Or are they just plain negative, therefore causing

you to have doubts in yourself and/or your business?

If so, I can definitely relate. My sister never understood my desire for business ownership. She had the normal 9 to 5 teaching job and was perfectly content. She just couldn’t grasp how someone can have the business owner itch. If you have someone like that in your family, more power to ’em. But there’s more to life than that, right? That’s BOOOOOORING!!

And my father was a born entreprenaur, but somewhere along the line he became jaded, cynical, and negative. So with his ‘tude being what it was, I made it a point to never tell him what I was doing until after I did it. This way I would avoid the risk of doubts creeping in. Things like “Am I in the right business?” “What if he’s right and I end up running all over town for chump change”, etc, etc. I’m sure we’ve all had doubts like that swimming around in our head at times.

But when I first entered the window washing business, I went against my own advice because I was so psyched about getting into the business. So I told him about it. He simply said: “No one will pay $200, $300, plus to get their windows cleaned. No one.” Whew…am I glad I didn’t listen to that lousy advice. :o) I’m sure he meant well and was trying to help, but that negativity can sure put the clamps on your energy when you’re fresh out of the starting gate with a new business.

So having your family in your corner is a definite plus. It’ll motivate you into action knowing that your family is cheering you on. It’s like a window washer said to me the other day on the phone how his wife is really behind him on his new business venture. He went on to say that he’s got half the battle won already.

2. Attitude – Man oh man…I’ve seen plenty of folks go by the wayside because of their stinkin thinkin.

It’s hard to be “up” ALL the time, but success is 90% attitude and 10% aptitude. Why do you think I don’t talk much about washing windows. That isn’t what this is all about. Building your business successfully depends upon being positive and making prospects and customers want you! Corny…but true.

3. Waiting for the perfect time – This one will stop us dead in our tracks. I know a guy who purchased

my window cleaning program about a year and a half ago, and I heard from him a month or two ago telling me he thinks he found the perfect spot to move to so he can start his window washing business.

In the meantime, by delaying the start-up of his business trying to find the ideal location, he has forfeited the thousands of dollars in income he could have made if he simply took action right way. Not tomorrow or the next day, but now, today. Heck he could have 200 customers in his back pocket by now.

4. Distractions – There are a million different things trying to grab our attention. The most successful window washers I know are ones who have blinders on to the distractions. It can certainly be difficult to keep our focus, but in the early stages of your business especially, it is critical. Make it a point to employ tunnel vision for at least the first year. If you do, you’ll be rewarded tremendously.

5. Wasting time – Anthony Robbins once said “most people fail in life because they major in minor things.” We all need to stop wasting time on “minor things” and only do the things that make us money and build our business. I even will suggest you write this key concept down somewhere prominently. That key concept is “Stop wasting time”. It’s a motivator for sure.

Speaking of motivation, I don’t know if any of you have heard of good ‘ole Zig Ziglar, but he’s a master

motivator, and in one of his seminars I went to, he really tells a great story about people who watch

life go by.

He talks about how some people just let things always get in the way, and if we let it, before we know it,

another month has gone by, another year, another 10 years, and so on.

It’s a really powerful story to hear in person. (I guess you should have been there). :o) But the message was to take action right now!! Not tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. Did you know that the more “nexts” a person has next to his or her name, the more unsuccessful they are? So beat procrastination over the head with a stick.

Albert Einstein once said that “nothing happens until something moves”. Bingo! In one of my previous newsletters where I talk about “massive action”, I mention that what you do the first 30 to 60 days of your business will really dictate your success. And I talk about what kind of massive action is needed to accomplish that. But if “massive” isn’t in your vocabulary, at least move “something” like Albert says. Something is certainly better than nothing.

So if you’re sitting on the sidelines letting this wonderful opportunity to build a window washing business slide by, I encourage you to take the necessary action steps so YOU can realize success and profits in this business.

It’s like a woman said to me on the phone a couple of days ago “If people knew what kind of profits can

be had in this business, EVERYBODY would take action without hesitation.”

Amy was calling me because she just made $385 in 7 hours which is a little under what she used to make

working a 45 hour work week at a “job”. Setting aside one day for giving estimates, multiply this number by 4 days per week and what do you get? I know folks doing this and more, so make a vow to get off the sidelines and get in the thick of things.

There are a lot of window washers in the Denver area, but not all of them focus on quality.

We have been doing this for over 15 years and we know how to clean windows properly. We will leave your place sparkling with our signature service you can rely on every time. Our process is proven to be effective and it’s environmentally friendly too!

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