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The commonly unstable weather will certainly have many folks in metro Atlanta contemplating whether to change their existing roof system. Replacing a harmed roof covering is just one of one of the most essential jobs a homeowner can do to safeguard their most treasured, and also usually most important, investment. On the surface, a roof covering replacement might appear to be a relatively simple job with extremely few options. In reality there are really numerous things for a house owner to take into consideration prior to undertaking this sort of job. Because this will likely be the last time you will certainly replace the roofing system on your existing home, it is worth a little additional time to think about all of your alternatives.

See Big Picture:

Before you obtain too involved in choosing several of the items suggested below, you might intend to think about a couple of high level factors that may influence your decision- making procedure:

Neighborhood – If you are taking into consideration changing your roofing system, it is most likely that some of your next-door neighbors have already done so. Prior to you obtain too entrenched in the information of picking an item as well as a service provider, walk (driving is expensive nowadays!) down your street to see what your next-door neighbors are doing. While you have the best decision as to just how you will improve your home, sticking to the standards of the area will typically help to enhance your return on investment for that job.

Covenants/ H.O.A’s – Some neighborhoods with homeowners associations may have restrictive agreements that specify the kind of building materials you can utilize, including roof.

Future strategies – For how long you plan on staying in the residence might play an essential function in the remodeling choice making procedure. While it never ever makes sense to compromise high quality in any house redesigning task, your future plans may influence what sort of financial investment you want to make.

Once you have actually considered these things, you are ready to move on with the decision making process:

Kind of Shingle:

There are 2 predominate sorts of asphalt roof shingles readily available today, “3-tab” as well as “Architectural”.

3-tab tiles have two notches cut into the lower side so that when it’s laid on a roof covering it resembles 3 smaller roof shingles. When watched on the roofing system, 3-tab shingles have an appreciable, recurring pattern. Building tiles (likewise referred to as “dimensional” or “laminate” shingles) have an extra item of shingle laminated to it to give the appearance of thickness and also texture when seen from the ground.

Architectural roof shingles likewise do not have the very same normal pattern as 3-tab roof shingles and will certainly provide you a much more customized appearance. When considering this kind of alternative, you may additionally chose from different variations of Architectural shingles called specialty or developer tiles that give the appearance of other roof products (Slate, Cedar Shake, etc) while permitting you with the reliability and also resilience of an asphalt roof shingles. Most of these specialized shingles are crafted to last longer than standard Architectural tiles and also thus bring also much longer item service warranties.

If the slope your roofing is superficial (20 degrees or less) the type of roof shingles is not likely to be a solid visual element of your home. From the ground, one of the most predominate function will be the color of the shingle. So – for a shallow pitched roof a 3-tab tile is likely a good option. If you have a roofing system with a steeper slope (more typical in more recent homes), the roof covering is likely to be an extra predominate building function. In this case, the tile pattern will certainly be extremely visible, and also the roofing system itself might be the first thing individuals view as they drive down the street towards your home. So – for a steeper slope roof, you might favor Building roof shingles.

Color: Color option for any kind of residence renovation project can be both an interesting and also demanding choice. For the very best results, your new roof covering shade need to enhance the remainder of your home’s outside, consisting of the exterior siding or brick shade as well as the linked trim. If you are not sure about shingle color, there are several methods to help guarantee that you will enjoy with your color choice:

1. Consider homes similar to your own. Specifically try to find residences with comparable style as well as rooflines.

2. Simulation Programs – Several makers and also some contractors have access to computer simulation programs that can model numerous roof shingles kinds as well as roof colors on your house. While these programs are a beneficial device for comparisons as well as narrowing options, please bear in mind the constraints in viewing shades on a computer monitor or printout.

Added details to discuss with your specialist:

Attic Air flow – A correctly developed attic air flow system keeps your attic cool and dry by enabling amazing outdoors air to enter your attic room through your eaves or soffits and hot damp air to be tired from the vents that are generally located at or near the ridges on the roof. An incorrectly aerated attic room can not only trigger early aging of your roofing system, it can also cause damages to house siding or outside paint, warp the roof decking, allow for mold development, and also create higher energy prices. In order to function effectively, the intake as well as exhaust vents should both be operating correctly to supply the cool, completely dry air into the attic while wearing down the warm moist air. A roof covering substitute job is a best time to reassess your ventilation system and also make changes to improve it performance. An experienced roofing replacement professional can help you establish your ventilation demands and whether adjustments ought to be made to your present system.

Fungi Protection – What are those black stains on your roof covering???? Those spots are actually an air-borne fungi. This fungus expands as well as is drawn in to roofing system areas with the complying with qualities:

– Locations of wetness or high humidity (anywhere in Middle Georgia!).

– Areas of high color (usually northern exposures or under trees) The good news is that many shingles are currently produced with an algae inhibitor (usually copper granules) that will assist shield your brand-new roofing from this fungus for several years to find!

Processes and Products – If you haven’t presumed now, setting up a roofing system is greater than simply toenailing a lot of roof shingles on your roofing. Just how clear is the procedure that the professional will make use of? Will they remove the existing roof covering tiles? Will they clean up when they are done? What items will be utilized as underlayment? What will be installed in the valleys? An excellent service provider will certainly be thorough and also clarify the whole procedure.

Guarantee – A new roof system should last 20+ years if set up appropriately. In the last a number of years, suppliers and also professionals have teamed up to give warranty programs that can provide home owners security through the life of your brand-new roofing. The fact is that roof problems are unusual, yet when they occur they can be very difficult as well as costly to settle. An excellent warranty program must cover both worldly flaws in addition to improper installation.

Selecting the Installer:.

While much of this write-up has actually been focused on the item selections that are readily available to you when you replace your roofing system, it is just part of the story. It is simply, if not more, important to select a respectable contractor to mount your roofing system. When looking for a specialist, right here are some variables to take into consideration:.

Correct and Existing Insurance Coverage Insurance Coverage:.

If you have been on your roof covering recently, you know that roof covering can be a danger!!! Contact the service provider’s insurance company to see to it they have appropriate and current coverage (check for both General Responsibility and also Employees Compensation Insurance).
Experience/ Certification:.

How long has the contractor stayed in business?
Does the roofing professional have any accreditations in the roofing market?

Exists a deposit needed, or is full payment due at the completion of the job?
Task Timeline:.

For how long will it take the contractor to complete your roofing project?
Clear Proposal & Dealings:.

All contracts should remain in composing and must plainly explain specifically what will certainly be done.

Roofing is a complicated business. It requires knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Everyone knows that roofers are expensive, but we can’t always afford them. If you need a new roof, there’s no way around it — you’re going to have to pay for it somehow. But if you want your investment in your home or business to last as long as possible, then hiring the right company is key. You don’t want just anyone working on your roof!

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